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Root Barriers

Protect your home's foundation. Close cracks and gaps caused by a shifting concrete slab.

Root barriers are the the long-term, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to the damage that dry soil causes to homes and buildings in North Texas.

Before root barrier installation
After root barrier installation
Root barrier membrane

Stop Root Damage

Cracked brickA foundation that is dry in one area and moist in another will crack. Prevent this type of damage with a root barrier, which can stop thirsty trees from drawing moisture away from the soil underneath a building.

Cheaper than Piers

Save moneyCompare the cost of piers and root barriers and you'll be amazed at the difference. One recent customer was given a quote for $35,000 for pier installation. Our quote was $2,500 for root barriers. The choice is yours.

Hand-Dug Trenches

We dig our trenches by hand. It takes longer but it is the only way to ensure that your underground pipes and cables remain undisturbed as we sever the roots threatening your house.

Protect Your Home's Foundation!

Every year millions of dollars are wasted by homeowners who install piers in the belief that this will solve their foundation problems. The expansive soil in North Texas frequently causes fluctuations in foundations due to trees, shrubs or drainage issues. Slab foundation homes are particularly vulnerable.

Free estimatesRootabater can end your root and foundation problems. In most cases our vertical root barriers can eliminate the need for costly piers. Your home and investment are protected and your trees are preserved.

We regularly consult with RCS Enterprises, the engineering company in Allen, Texas that developed this system. This helps us know that in each case we are providing our customers with the best solution to their foundation problem.

Servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Dallas, Collin, Denton and Rockwall counties.

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